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Thread: WTB Replicas List (UK)

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    WTB Replicas List (UK)

    Hey Scummers,

    I'm looking for these below. They must be UK based & delivered to London to my guys at the warehouse, who will bring them to me from there.
    Will be paid COD since Paypal does not operate in Turkey. Or I can pay via a friend's paypal.

    Once you deliver safe, your responsibility is finished. I'm a 100% legit collector so have no worries.

    I'm mostly after below items.

    Mill. Falcon Signature
    AT AT Signature
    EFX RMQ Helmet
    Y Wing
    EFX X Wing Signature
    Commander Gree 1:1 Helmet
    Stormtrooper 1:1 Helmet

    Sistros & Braata Sideshow Bronze Statues

    Please feel free to pm me with your prices.
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    I have a signature edition MR falcon i will be selling I will PM you if your interested.

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