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Thread: First Post (Hello!) - Kenner Product Numbers, Yoda, and the 'Correct' Display Order

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    First Post (Hello!) - Kenner Product Numbers, Yoda, and the 'Correct' Display Order

    Hi folks - Brand new to these forums.

    I've just finally pulled my figure collection out of storage after hauling it around for decades. I had a huge collection of vintage figures that were mine as a child, and many carded that I'd amassed as a teen, mostly purchased at booths at the SD comic con in the early nineties. Over the past 10 years or so I've sold off almost everything except my own figures that I played with as a kid. I could never bring myself to part with them, although I'd pull the bin out of the garage every few years and look at them, then pack them back up. A few weeks ago I decided to sell them off, pulled them out, looked at them, and realized I didn't want to part with them. I decided to finally do something different, so I ordered a nice display case for my office wall and started going through them, getting them ready to display. I'd always told everyone I had them all - a complete set of the "original" figures. I now know that is not quite true, as I've realized that the true number of total figures is up for debate and that even out of what I would call the 'core-96' (92-back plus the other 2 R2's plus the other C3PO plus Yak) I was missing 3: Yak Face, Imperial Gunner, and EV-9D9, even though I have 165 figures including duplicates. I actually sold off my Tri-Logo Yak-Face at some point...gah.

    Anyway, I'm now in the process of finding those last three figures and getting my collection displayed. I realize that you could display figures in any order you see fit. It changed often on the card-backs, which you could use. You might do the order characters appeared in the film, group them by category, etc. I always thought I'd display the figures in the order they were released by Kenner. I understand that they were released in groups or waves, but I'd thought that Kenner Product numbers were the perfect way to do this. If you list the figures by Kenner product number you see the first 4 from the initial mail-in campaign are first, then the rest of the original 12, then the various waves...however, when I got to Yoda I realized his product number would put him before Greedo and the 2nd wave of original SW figures.

    So finally my questions: TL;DR:
    *What is the meaning of the Kenner Product numbers?
    *Why is Yoda's number seemingly out of sequence?
    *If I'd like to display the figures in release order, what would that be - Is the Wikipedia list accurate?

    Thanks folks, Jeff

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    Welcome to the forum! There's nothing like the nostalgia of pulling out your toys from your youth, instantly connecting you back to all sorts of (sometimes forgotten) memories and the happiness they brought you! I loved 'playing Star Wars' and tried to get everyone to do it even when G.I. Joe, He-Man and Transformers were taking over.

    Yak, the Imperial Gunner and EV are some of the more expensive figures. Sounds like you have a great collection regardless! The Imperial Gunner's weapon has gone out of sight, price-wise. You may want to save yourself some trouble and try to buy it complete.

    A great place to get the order of release is right here on Rebelscum: . They also link to some decent information (for most of the figures, the first 12 is a bit lacking). Wikipedia is accurate, but does not break it down like Rebelscum does.
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    Thanks a lot for the response and advice. And yes, these last three figures I need are going to set me back a few bucks I can see. Too bad I'm not missing Weequay or something like that instead. I'm still mad at myself for selling my Tri-Logo Yak Face years ago, although I'm putting together a loose display and would probably not have the heart to open it anyway.

    Appreciate the link to the figure release order. I'm still very curious to know what the Kenner product numbers on the cards meant, or how they were assigned.

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    When I display my figures and cardbacks, I go first by year, then by release wave order, and then by the kenner product number in the upper corner of the front of the cardback. Most years saw just one wave of release, but 1982 had several waves including mail-away figures sprinkled in.
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    Nice! This was exactly what I was looking for. I think I'm going to follow your approach. I put all of the figures on a spreadsheet with wave, year and product number. The interesting thing is that when you just sort by product number the order is exactly what you're describing (wave, year) in all cases except Yoda and 4-LOM/Zuckuss. The latter I get was caused by the naming mix-up, but Yoda's an odd one. Its almost like they used another figure's product number for him, or designed him very early on, or the number was simply an error.

    I know I'm thinking about this way too hard...

    Thanks again for the replies and advice.

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