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Thread: Star Wars miniature vehicles

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    Star Wars miniature vehicles

    Hi. New member here, and hoping some of you knowledgeable people can help.

    Iíve been collecting mini Star Wars vehicles for a while now. I started with the Galoob micro machines 20 years ago, moved onto the Titanium series, and more recently the Black series and Star Wars: Armada sets. Iíve also seen that Hot Wheels have some items out, but there doesnít seem to be anything new in that line.

    Now, up until recently, whenever a new film came out, there were always new toys for those vehicles introduced; however, the last vehicles Iíve seen have been the Black series Rogue One ships.

    Now, Iím aware that SW toy sales have been falling of late, so are the toys I like a casualty of cut lines or are there any more releases that Iím not aware of?

    Cheers in advance.

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    Hey, welcome!
    There are actually a lot of miniature ships made since Rogue One, although not by Hasbro. The (Black Series) Titanium Series and Micro Machines lines kind of faded out after Rogue One. Instead, Hot Wheels picked up the slack, with vehicles from TLJ and Solo, as well as stuff from previous films, Rebels etc.

    Of the top of my head, TLJ got:
    Ski Speeder
    Resistance Bomber
    A-Wing (blue and a red repaint)
    Poe's boosted X-Wing
    Kylo's TIE Silencer

    Solo got:
    Han's Speeder
    Imperial Patrol Speeder
    Lando's Falcon
    Imperial Arrestor Cruiser

    See this forum subsection for anything to do with mini-vehicles:
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    I don't follow all these series, but the latest I see are:

    - Fantasy Flight (X-Wing): Lando's Falcon, TIE Reaper, X-Wing with movable wings; the rest is reissues for their new 2.0 game

    - Fantasy Flight (Armada): A Super Star Destroyer has been announced. Don't know whether that still counts as "miniature" ;-) The last ships were the Profundity and a Star Destroyer repaint as Chimaera

    - Hot Wheels (or similar series, at least they were metal): AT-Hauler, Training Cruiser and Lando's Falcon from "Solo"

    I also saw some car models styled after Star Wars ships and characters, but I don't like that concept so I don't follow it. There was definitely one available in the "Lando Falcon" patterns, though.

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    Cheers guys, I picked up a few Hot Wheels vehicles this weekend. They seem to be difficult to find in the UK, so I'm wondering if they ever came over here at all, which might explain why I've not seen any anywhere.

    In regards to the Armada vehicles, I did pick up the Profundity a while ago and the Executor is something that's very interesting, but I think it's going to be just too big. I've also picked up some Shapeways pieces for some of the more prominent vehicles from the books and comics, both Armada scale and "other", and they work pretty well too.

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