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Thread: Scarif "Beach Run" Cassian Andor

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    Scarif "Beach Run" Cassian Andor

    I wanted to make a "final scene" Cassian where he doesn't have the Jacket on. The TBS Cassian is a good base for this but the arms are the same color as the removable jacket.

    To solve this, I did an arm swap from a TBS Carbonite Han, with good results:

    Unfortunately it's not completely accurate, because technically Cassian is wearing Imperial trousers in this scene, not rebel pants. But anyway, I think it captures the idea without having to do major mods to an existing figure.
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    Ironically, one of my favourite scenes from Rogue One, isn't even the movie.

    The infamous "Beach Run" from the Celebration Reel, where we saw Jyn with the plans escaping across the beaches of Scarif with Cassian following behind.

    And here we go:

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    I think he looks great. Are you going to paint his pants?

    I found that I have had to carve out around their armpits and elbows to get them to hold the rifle correctly. Are you planning on modding this one further? :{J
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    Great idea and a great figure as well. I like it a lot!!!
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