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Thread: Yoda brown snake/dark cane

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    Yoda brown snake/dark cane

    I have a loose Yoda with the pac-man eyes, brown snake, dark walking stick that I am planning to sell. There are so many variations that I am confused. It is in very good shape and I did check the back and the mark is LFL 1980 Hong Kong. Please let me know a fair price to sell this at.

    Thanks, Rock
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
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    I think Yoda may be one of the more confusing ones, as far as variants go. If it is just the Pac-Man Kenner, I've seen them go for a low of around $60 and a high of around $100. I've seen one go for $125, but it was in a real nice, actual mint condition.

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    Thank you comicalUser. I have done some Ebay research as well and I am going to set the price at a fair $65.00 + shipping. Ebay stuff is set so high then the item takes forever to sell if at all.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
    -Darth Vader

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