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Thread: Endor battle, large display WIP

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    Endor battle, large display WIP

    Hello there,
    I've out of sight for years in a row, for I swifted to 6 inch LOTR action figures.
    Since I moved houses, I got the possibility for changing a spare room into a man-cave. :-)
    After two years in a box, I begon setting up my Star wars displays again.
    And making new ones.
    The most elabourate is the Endor setup. I created large trees, used printed photo's as a backdrop and created undergrowth.
    The work is still in progress, but here are a number of making-offs.
    NOTE: the final result is therefor still yet to come.
    Oh, and nice to be back.

    About the pics:

    Since I needed avery available surface on the walls for displays, I build in two shelves on the left. If you only want to see Endor, look right.

    The top of the table will become forest and landscape as well, but for the LOTR figures.

    The trunks are real wood branches. I live near a real forest, so getting my stuff is easy. The roots are electricwire, covered with wallplaster mixed with toiletpaper.

    This tree I build from an IKEA fake plant. Since it was too expensive to do all the trees this way, I switched to importing foliage from Aliexpress.

    I painted the leaves of the right tree. It had the colour of the left. For an old forest, it is too bright.

    What a hook-screw can do.

    Cork underlayers are nice material to stick in foliage.

    Cardboard underlayers. I later switched to cork.

    Never waste time and material on the side of the tree you will never see.

    It is a matter of clipping the bought leaves to get them in the right size for being a branch. Here the top of the tree is ready.

    Sticking in the leaves is a matter of drilling, glueing and done. Afterwards, I paint the base of the branch brown.

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    pure excellence, Can't wait to see the updates on this one.
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    Feedback BST
    I love this Bar!

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    Beautiful displays. And I love the LOTR figs. I still have all of mine in a box somewhere, waiting to once again see the light of day...

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    There's a lot about this that I really love. You got epic size and scale, great "how to" info and LOTR...pretty cool all around
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    They all look great and I found your tutorials very helpful.

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    Very shagadelic. :{J
    Disney? "Canon" you say? You must unlearn what you have learned...

    If you need anything 3d Printed PM me. :{J

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    Most impressive dio. Like that work bench/display. I need a bigger house so I can build a man cave.

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    Thanks for the enthusiasm and compliments! Nice to have other diorama creators on board.

    Something to share from this project is the printed photo's. It costed me some money, but the effort is brilliant.
    I plucked Redwood Forest pics from internet, mirrored the picture and had them both printed. The mirrored pic I placed upside done, so the trees would match again.
    The effect is that of large trees that grow larger than the display walls.

    The Death Star I simply printed myself, cutted it out with small scissors and glued it on a blue paper that I washed with white to make the sky paler. This was necessary to match it with the antenna photo.

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    I don't know how to change the title of a thread, but the thing is finished!! No more WIP.

    The things I did to finish were:
    - removing the bright white led's and replacing them with warm-white. Bright-white is a big mistake, far to pale. Also I now have them hanging on the side of the beams, instead of having them shine strainght down. Also I placed blue painted panels on the ceiling of the box, to give more suggestion of a sky.
    - I repainted my AT-ST to match the painted AT-AT walker. And had to repair the broken hipjoints....
    - to make the forest as good as possible, you have undergrowth, mid-high bushes, small trees, large trees. I added undergrowth and created mid-high bushes.
    - get the stands covered with grass and woodfloor debry.

    This is the process, first making the box empty. You can see the photo's very well now.

    I filled up the groundfloor with undergrowth using plucked leaves from prefab plastic bushes. I nailed them in and painted the nails green afterwards.

    Creating mid-high bushes.

    Converting the stands into forest floor.

    The finished box total view

    And finally some nice scenic pics. More will follow! The hut is once made by one of my daughters, so I kept it in honour and placed it.
    The reflection of the lights gives a fantastic depth to the backdrop photo.

    The reality of the look amazes myself. This is the empty backcorner of the display.

    I like the new action figures (apart from the lack of articulation), but have no place for a new diorama. So I added some Rogue One characters. This is Baze malbus, repainted.

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