Hello there,
I've out of sight for years in a row, for I swifted to 6 inch LOTR action figures.
Since I moved houses, I got the possibility for changing a spare room into a man-cave. :-)
After two years in a box, I begon setting up my Star wars displays again.
And making new ones.
The most elabourate is the Endor setup. I created large trees, used printed photo's as a backdrop and created undergrowth.
The work is still in progress, but here are a number of making-offs.
NOTE: the final result is therefor still yet to come.
Oh, and nice to be back.

About the pics:

Since I needed avery available surface on the walls for displays, I build in two shelves on the left. If you only want to see Endor, look right.

The top of the table will become forest and landscape as well, but for the LOTR figures.

The trunks are real wood branches. I live near a real forest, so getting my stuff is easy. The roots are electricwire, covered with wallplaster mixed with toiletpaper.

This tree I build from an IKEA fake plant. Since it was too expensive to do all the trees this way, I switched to importing foliage from Aliexpress.

I painted the leaves of the right tree. It had the colour of the left. For an old forest, it is too bright.

What a hook-screw can do.

Cork underlayers are nice material to stick in foliage.

Cardboard underlayers. I later switched to cork.

Never waste time and material on the side of the tree you will never see.

It is a matter of clipping the bought leaves to get them in the right size for being a branch. Here the top of the tree is ready.

Sticking in the leaves is a matter of drilling, glueing and done. Afterwards, I paint the base of the branch brown.