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Thread: Birthday is coming. WTB!

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    Birthday is coming. WTB!

    Please send me a quote if you have any off the following. Have birthday $ coming
    Modern Figures Needed 1995-2018 (loose and complete) can be boxed, gonna Open anyways

    The Vintage Collection 2010-2018
    VC26 Rebel Commando (Black Version)
    VC122 Rey Island Journey

    Movie Heroes 2012-2013
    Battle of Geonosis set 1...
    •Khaat Qiyn

    Battle of Geonosis set 2..
    •Sarrissa Jeng
    •Roan Shryne

    The Legacy Collection
    •Princess Leia Medical Frigate

    Build a droid.....
    •BG-J38 rotj (need: head, l arm, l leg, body)

    Battle pack Scramble over Yavin...
    •Garven Dreis
    •Rebel Technician or the one from the shadows of dark side vehicle/figure 2 pack
    Battle pack Shield Generator Assault...
    •Nik Sant

    Geonosis Arena showdown....
    2009 Set 1 Coleman Trebor
    2010 Set 4 Shaak Ti
    2010 Set 5 Nicanas Tassu

    30th Anniversary Collection 2007
    Ywing TRU exclusive....
    • Lt. Lepira
    • R5-F7

    Star Wars Saga 2002-2004
    Jabba's Palace Denizens Set....
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