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Thread: Ready to buy now, I have money, fast payer!!!!WTB!

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    Ready to buy now, I have money, fast payer!!!!WTB!

    Please send me a quote if you have any off the following. I Have Christmas $ burning my pocket.
    Modern Figures Needed 1995-2018 (loose and complete) can be boxed, gonna Open anyways

    The Vintage Collection
    •Nien Numb Cardback
    • Jango Fett Cardback

    The Legacy Collection

    Build a droid.....
    •BG-J38 rotj (need: l arm, l leg)

    The Legacy Collection Battlepacks (2008-2009): Scramble over Yavin…
    •Garven Dreis

    The Legacy Collection Wedge X-Wing...
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    Got legacy Coleman Trebor. Removed him from the list , still looking for the rest

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    Removed two figures that I received from a purchase from a scummer! Love this forum!

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    Removed bg-j38 torso. Got it by buying a bd31 Chewbacca, needed both , excited !

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    Bought Vc26 Rebel Commando African American version, off the list !

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    Removed Nick Sant, just got him from eBay

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    Removed Sarrissa Jeng, just got her from eBay

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    Removed Khaat Qiyn got her off ebay

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    Send me your offers, got some Cash!

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