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Thread: White stitch Jawa

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    White stitch Jawa

    Is this considered a color variant for the Jawa cape?

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    I thought they were all shades of brown, but I could be wrong though I don't know of a white stitch. A light brown stitching on a dark brown cape can look white maybe?

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    also different threads could react differently to light, exposure to different elements detergents etc. so may have changed over time. They weren't real consistent in the thread on these and I know I've seen purple and pink thread as well (and believe those are accepted as actual variants not just degraded materials) as some other colors so one of these myriad thread choices could have faded to white over time. I've never seen anyone claim white thread as a legit variant produced in that color before tho so like I said probably a degradation of one of the other colors

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    White is a legit confirmed stitch variant colour . The other ones are green, yellow, dark orange, rust, black, purple, light brown and dark brown . There are also capes that have different colour stitching for different seams .

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    There seems to be some debate concerning the white stitch variant being legit or not. To my knowledge, a carded one has not surfaced and they are believed to be a foreign variant produced on 45 backs. The few that have surfaced, around 20 or so have sold for a good money as well. They are definitely in the top 3 for Jawa stitch variants for those who collect them. Hope this helps.
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