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Thread: Any news on the third Thrawn novel yet?

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    Any news on the third Thrawn novel yet?

    I know its been awhile since the new second Thrawn novel is still in hardcover etc, but there any news about what Timothy Zhan is up to with the third Thrawn novel?

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    I had no idea this one was also supposed to be a Trilogy... is written if the Evil Spirit arms the Tiger with claws, Brahman provided wings for the Dove...Thus spoke the Super Guru

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    well Zahn did mention he was going to part 3 of the new Thrawn stuff

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    I'm sure I heard somewhere he was told to wait until Solo was released. Maybe to stop any conflicting stories?

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    I hope this can be a post-Rebels Thrawn novel.

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    If the above statement about waiting until after Solo is true, then I would imagine that it would.

    As cool as eh books are to have, I'd still like to see him show up on the big screen!
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    Well as for Thrawn Alliances, anyone know when that will be released for paperback?

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