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Thread: Target Solo 6-pack + Vandor-1 playset

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    Target Solo 6-pack + Vandor-1 playset

    Hello !

    I'm wondering if anyone could help me out.

    I'm looking to acquire:
    - the Target Exclusive Trooper 6-pack from the Hasbro Solo line (3" 3/4), 45$:
    - the Target Exclusive Vandor-1 playset, 45$:

    Unfortunately, I'm unable to order these on the website, as I'm in France. Usually, I use a freight forwarder service in the US, but the Target shipping policy excludes those addresses.

    Could anyone buy those 2 sets for me, and then ship them to my US address ? I will of course cover all cost associated with the operation (please check my feedback here to see that I have had many great transactions - I can also provide my ebay alias, 100% positive).

    Thanks !

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    Pm sent to you.

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