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Thread: STAR WARS Scented Candles...

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    STAR WARS Scented Candles...

    STAR WARS Scented Candles...

    Its not April Fools Day, but nevertheless, I still can't believe it...

    Ahh, the rugged aroma of RANCOR PIT is just what you need to get Yarna in the mood.

    Or maybe some adorable EWOK scent to bring out your girl's Inner Princess.

    For me, its nothing but X-WING COCKPIT. My hon' loves a man In Uniform.

    "Do these memes make my angst look fat?"

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    I might need to get one of the Millennium Falcon candles.

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    They had me at "limited edition"...
    Wanted : Palitoy/General MILLS German 45b MOCīs, German promotional leaflets and posters, dealer catalogues, pictures of old Kenner promotions, Store displays

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