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    I think I'm spoiled by the Bandai model kits lol. It's a decent figure. I just wish the head had a little more range of motion and the finish was shiny

    I do like the alt hands though

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    Got this guy at Gamestop today. I had no idea about the extra hands, so that was a nice surprise. I was on the fence about getting this trio, because I'm not a super huge fan of the comics. But after having him in hand, and now seeing that the extra guns and whatnot are also removable from Bee-Tee, I'll probably get the other two.

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    I pick this droid yesterday at GS and man oh man! I love this! I've read the comics about Aphra and her murder droids and how Vader seeks her out for his own personal reasons.

    Great story and great figures!

    Now Hasbro, please give the rest of the Bounty Hunters:

    Cad Bane

    Aurra Sing


    Black Krrsantan


    Hello! Iím Triple-Zero and Iím looking forward immensely to torturing you today. Ė Triple-Zero

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