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Thread: Fishers, Ford, Lucas, Hamill, Oz and more

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    Fishers, Ford, Lucas, Hamill, Oz and more

    ESB Fisher/Hamill 11x14 OPX shielded. This piece has it all: ESB Fisher, 11x14, shielded, cherry signatures, great condition. $1200 obo

    ESB OPX Fisher 8x10, signed in gold and been verified by PSA. $350 obo

    Celebration 2 Fishers, 8x10. The OPX shield before the shield existed! Take your pick, $375 each, $360 each if you take 2

    ESB Ford, 8x10, Beckett verified: $550 obo

    Frank Oz as Yoda, 8x10, Beckett Verified, nice clean signature without personalization $350 obo

    George Lucas on USPS special edition stamp set. Roughly 8x10, personalization removed, only about 8 or 10 of these given as gifts. Happy to give you the full history of the piece upon request $300 obo

    Prowse/Jones/Muir $225

    Bounty Hunters, 8x10, Beckett verified, $275

    Shipping is $5 stateside and at cost internationally. PayPal sent friends and family or adding 4% for fees.
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    Wont allow me to post Vader photo in post so here

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