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Thread: FS: Many Hot Toys and Sideshow sixth scale figures

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    FS: Many Hot Toys and Sideshow sixth scale figures

    Needing to sell off my sixth scale collection in order to hit some personal financial goals. I did a best guess as to fair market value, I'm definitely willing to negotiate on price, please PM me. Paypal payment only.

    Only figures that were displayed are R2 and C3PO, others have been opened to check contents but not displayed. Had lofty goals to have a big Star Wars display, but life got in the way!

    Figures will ship in original brown shipper unless specified.

    Consider figures opened unless specified. All are in brand new condition, but just want to be completely honest.

    Can send pictures upon request.


    E-Web heavy repeater cannon - $200 **sold **
    Captain Han Solo Hoth exclusive with bonus portrait: $350
    Tusken Raider exclusive edition: $350 - no shipper **sold **
    Snowtrooper: $200 - no shipper **sold **
    C3P0: $200 **sold **
    R4-D5: $150 **sold **

    R2-D2 exclusive version: $250
    Commander Luke Skywalker Hoth exclusive with bonus portrait: $350
    Luke Skywalker Red 5 x-wing pilot exclusive edition: $250 **sold **
    Probe Droid (original w/ snow base): $350 - no shipper
    Darth Vader Deluxe set (2014) w/ lights and unmasked portrait, includes exclusive severed hand - $300

    Hot Toys:
    Stormtrooper set exclusive edition: $600 **sold **
    Darth Vader: A New Hope: $250 **sold **

    MMS298 Princess Leia: A New Hope special edition: $350
    MMS297 Luke: A New Hope special edition: $350
    Princess Leia Hoth: $230 (unopened)
    Han and Chewbacca set - $600
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    Updated list to reflect sold items, and also added a few more figures.

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