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Thread: SOLD-PLEASE LOCK FS: 25th Anniversary GI Joe Collection

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    SOLD-PLEASE LOCK FS: 25th Anniversary GI Joe Collection

    Thanks for your interest! Its come time to clear up some space and get rid of my collection of figures from the 25th Anniversary GI Joe line. All 62 figures are MOC; there may be a few with some bent bottom edges of the card from when they were purchased at the store. Items have been stored inside a plastic tote and come from a smoke-free home. Asking $385 +shipping; sorry, US shipping only. Lot includes the following figures (I've attempted to be as descriptive as possible since there were some reissues in the line):

    Series 1:
    Cobra Commander (Hood; silver foil card)
    Snake Eyes with Timber (silver foil card)
    Cobra Officer (silver foil card)
    Storm Shadow (Ninja; hood; silver foil card)
    Flint (From the GI Joe Cartoon Series package)

    Series 2:
    Beachhead (silver foil)
    Buzzer (silver foil card)
    Cobra Trooper (silver foil card)
    Lady Jaye
    Serpentor (silver foil card)

    Series 3:
    Firefly (silver foil card)
    Zartan (silver foil card)
    Sgt. Stalker (From the GI Joe Comic Series package)
    Series 4:
    Cobra Commander (helmet; silver foil card)
    Destro (silver foil card)
    Duke (silver foil card)
    Gung-Ho (silver foil card)
    Roadblock (silver foil card)
    Scarlett (silver foil card)
    Storm Shadow (silver foil card)
    Series 5:
    Crimson Guard (silver foil card)
    Destro (Iron Grenadiers; silver foil card)
    Snow Job
    Snake Eyes (Commando; silver foil card)
    Sgt. Flash (From the GI Joe Comic card)

    Series 6:
    Lt. Torpedo (silver foil card)
    Cobra Commander (Battle Armor; silver foil card)
    Rock N Roll (silver foil card)
    Series 7:
    Cobra HISS Driver (silver foil card)
    Cobra Viper (Infantry (silver foil card)
    Duke (JUMP Jetpack; silver foil card)
    Snake Eyes (Commando; silver foil card)
    Wild Bill (silver foil card)
    Spirit Iron-Knife (silver foil card)
    Series 8:
    Baroness (Animated Series Deco)
    Python Patrol Officer
    Flint (Tiger Force Leader)
    Cobra Para-Viper
    Snake Eyes (Arctic Trooper)
    Major Bludd (silver foil card)
    Series 9:
    Barbecue (Firefighter)
    Cobra B.A.T.
    GI Joe Hawk
    Sgt. Bazooka
    Snow Serpent
    Storm Shadow (Ninja-ku leader)
    Series 10:
    Cobra Bazooka Trooper
    Croc Master
    Duke (Tiger Force First Sergeant)
    Mercenary Wraith
    Mutt & Junkyard
    Series 11:
    Cobra Eel
    Flint (Cobra Gear)
    Sgt. Airbourne
    Specialist Trakker
    Zartan (Master of Disguise)
    Series 12:
    Crimson Guard (Python Patrol)
    Series 13:
    Torch (Dreadnok)

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