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Thread: Imperial Rocket Trooper (GameStop)

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    Absolutely can’t wait for this guy! He’s incredible. I’m a sucker for all troopers anyway

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    Some great stuff revealed but it's kind of sad my most wanted figure is a figure from 2014 with a new head and jetpack.

    Still out of all the canon Imp designs know of that don't have figures he's been my top pick.

    In Battlefront 2 they took some liberties, probably in an effort to not have to render a unique helmet for him.

    I prefer the Rebels version all the way.

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    Love the Rocket Trooper! I plan to at least get 3 or 4 if distribution doesnt suck on Hasbro's part!

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    I might pickup a couple of these. Looks like a good base, at least, for ANH Spacetroopers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicklab View Post
    I think this trooper is interesting. The Rocket Troopers did get some screen time in REBELS. And I also saw that these troopers turned up in Battlefront II, which may be the tie-in to GameStop having this particular exclusive.
    I don't think that they need a video game tie-in for Gamestop exclusives. Looking back since 2017, they've had R5-D4, Inferno Squad, Snoke w/ Throne, Guardians of Evil 4 pack, Commander Wolffe and now this one. Only 2 of the previous five have any video game tie-in - and one of those is only 1 out of the 4 pack.

    Either way, I'm looking forward to this one. Hasbro needs to make more variant Stormtroopers. The Mimban trooper is finally showing up in the US, that one with the blaster effects is coming soon-ish and now this. We need space troopers, EVO troopers, Magma troopers, Navy commandos, Super commandos, Imperial cadets.. the list never ends. The best figures they made from Rogue One were the different troopers, more like that please.
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    I’m impressed to even see this as a black series figure. I geeked out as soon as I saw them in the show they looked so cool. So.. if we’re doing REBELS imperials, where is the BS AT-DP Pilot to go with all my other Imperial combat drivers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerdherfer View Post
    So.. if we’re doing REBELS imperials, where is the BS AT-DP Pilot to go with all my other Imperial combat drivers?
    Hopefully in the future, but that personally prompts me to want the speederbike, another no-brainer $40 price point deluxe set.
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    Another Exclusive? My patience for these exclusives is over
    3.75" line = still my fav way to collect SW figs!

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    Are we able to order these in store yet?

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    Any idea when we will see this guy show up? It's not available for preorder according to my Gamestop contact...

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