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Thread: Luke Skywalker - Crait

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    I’ll get him as he’s somewhat what I imagined for a NJO Luke figure.
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    One of the figures I've been most excited for from the new run so far. Really looking forward to buying it and seeing its TVC cardback.

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    He looks pretty good. Glad he doesn't appear to have any soft goods.
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    Finally! Definite buy for me.

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    Summer of 2019. Got a whole year to wait which is fine by me

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    Stunning figure, along with Yak Face, Klaatu, Stormtrooper and Lando, has some of the best sculpts ive seen

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    Terrific figure, terrific scene. Delighted to be getting this one, a must-buy for sure.

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    The one and and only thing from TLJ that I even remotely enjoyed. I'm looking forward to this figure.

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    Great looking figure - this might be one of the most sought after ST figures ever - hopefully Hasbro packs him three to a case! I'm hoping they do a Crait Leia as well, to recreate that amazing scene between them.

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