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Thread: Luke Skywalker - Crait

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    LOL....Hasbro thought back in 2006 that the Biker Scout and Kashyyyk trooper uniforms were 'similar' as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    I’ll get him as he’s somewhat what I imagined for a NJO Luke figure.
    I agree. I'm getting him as using him as a Post-ROTJ Luke in my own soon-to-be-made-up post-Jedi SW universe.

    Quote Originally Posted by HothHan View Post
    The one and and only thing from TLJ that I even remotely enjoyed. I'm looking forward to this figure.
    Well and said and the same for me.
    #1 want: Admiral Piett (3.75" TVC line)

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    I noticed in the photo released the hood seems like a separate piece. Here's hoping they include a hood that can go over Luke's head like when he first appears on Crait.
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    Since the headsculpt on the Hot Toys figure turned out to be a bit underwhelming, I would buy this one instead (if it was available for a justifiable price over here).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain_Piet View Post
    I noticed in the photo released the hood seems like a separate piece. Here's hoping they include a hood that can go over Luke's head like when he first appears on Crait.
    I thought the same initially, but in the HD photo, it appears the hood and cloak are one molded piece. There is an opening in the front, so the cloak can be removed, but the hood doesn't appear to be separate - would have been a nice feature though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance_Quazar View Post
    Still, WAY too similar. I can't imagine they'll ever make the Crait version. It's not 2007 anymore.
    They're similar in the sense that they are large flowing cloaks - that's about it. They are both different colors, textures, designs etc - so here's hoping youre wrong and we get a Crait version of Leia. Considering Episode IX will be using deleted footage of Leia from TFA and TLJ, its possible these outfits will remain the same, increasing the chance of seeing her remaining outfits in action figure form, especially because this is the last time we'll see Leia in a movie...

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    I will get it, as I like Luke, but not the crap from TLJ.

    *I still don't like the non-effect lightsaber they been dishing out in the TVC line with first Rey and now Luke. Guess will have to look through parts box for a spare Anakin/Luke lightsaber from the past.

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    THIS is the ST LUKE I’ve been waiting for!!

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    This is the figure I've been waiting for the most from TLJ, and it looks great so far. And the best part? No soft goods.
    But if they included his green lightsaber and hilt in addition to Anakin's, it would make him 100x times better particularly from a playability/display point of view. Rather than only being a Force projection, I'm pretty sure that many of us would prefer to display him as a seasoned ****** taking names and slicing *** with his own lightsaber, mainly because this may be the only 3.75" VC Jedi Master Luke figure that includes a lightsaber (unless there are upcoming plans to release his flashback version). But I guess we'll have to borrow it from ROTJ Luke.
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