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Thread: StarAlien70's 3.75" SA Han & Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise

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    StarAlien70's 3.75" SA Han & Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise

    These are a couple of figures I did a while ago and having seen that Hasbro are due to release a new TVC Han Stormtrooper, I thought I would show them now. My reason for doing these was because I find the hip ball-joints frustrating, particularly with Stormtroopers, as you have to twist the thigh 90 degrees to sit the figures. So to remedy this, I wanted to get the extra thigh articulation that the new SA and TBS 6" figures have (which I don't think the new TVC Han is going to have).

    I didn't want to destoy my TLC Han & Luke, so I kitbashed some Stormtroopers. Both use chest section and arms from TAC Stormtrooper. Abdomen section, modified belts and modified legs from TBS Stormtrooper; legs are fitted with hip joints from Tron figures for more articulation at the thigh.

    Han: Head from VOTC figure. Belt from TBS Stormtrooper modified to have removable thermal detonator, attaches using small magnets from Star Wars Saga figures.

    Luke: Head from TLC Saga Legends Luke X-Wing. Removable belt modified from TBS Stormtrooper fitted with clip for comlink, and mock grappling hook.

    Removable belt also fits VOTC Luke figure.

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