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Thread: Savage world Thundercats

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    Savage world Thundercats

    What does everyone think of this new line from Funko. I gotta say, Iím kinda interested.
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    I spotted them at GameStop. They are neat looking. Lion-o unfortunately looked like he lost a sword fight. One of his legs was detached and laying under the figure.

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    I might get a Slythe. Had they been 3.75 scale I would have bought them all.

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    this is one line that I seriously hopes tanks hard.... I would rather Funko finish off their current lines of figures instead of giving us a 1/2 A**ed series.... The ReAction line was a great line and great set of figures but they were never complete series (Goonies, Star Trek, Back to the Future, 66 Batman etc)
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    Well with a wave 2 already in the pipeline it seems like this line has a better chance of going the distance than the other thundercats lines. Also a wave 2 is something Funko never really offered in the reaction line. I might get’d be especially cool if they gave us a thundertank. It’s possible, they made a savage world batcave.
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    Picked up wave 1. Liking yeah...another line to collect. Ugh lol
    Anyone who helped fund me, please PM me.

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