While we'll always have.. as print media in general seems to slowly be going by the wayside due to all the tech over the last few decades, easier to read online, etc. ... it's possible at any time to just have a reprint TPB, or "collected" series come out, continually having the option of adding to the "supply" at any given time, which I feel is one thing with ANY print media is keeping the prices to a minimum.

In any print media this is why, no matter how many editions, or collected formats, etc. the 1st print/1st edition usually.. in the long run.. continues to be what collectors in the end like the most (as there will never be another 1st ed/1st print. Books, comics, etc. From time to time you'll see some truly "rare" editions pop up that hold, but those usually they are pretty $ to begin with, so the % increase in value still doesn't rise exponentially. Again, there's always exceptions to the rule, and some you can't even begin to explain.

A good example of 1st edition collecting is the SW original book club hardcover where everyone is now not only wanting it, and not enough to just have it, but now collectors are scrambling to get the earliest version i.e. "s27 gutter code", where most of the mainstream collecting community hadn't even really heard of it until recent years.