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Thread: Celebration II Carrie Fisher/Leias

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    Celebration II Carrie Fisher/Leias

    Celebration II-the opx shield before the shield. And of course our beloved Princess. I have 1complete set of increasingly rare Celebration II Fishers and one or two extras. For a complete set pick 1 ea. from the groupings for $1400 (save $100). You also will get a bonus autograph if you get the 4. Or, buy them separately for $375. Will listen to offers too!

    All are numbered on the back, and a few still have the checklist correlating to the number they were assigned.

    Otherwise, shipping is $5 in the US and at cost internationally, and it will be sent unbreakable. Send FnF or add 4% to cover the fee.

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    Price drop, willing to listen to offers as well!

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    Complete set no longer available, please PM me or see my other posting to find out what is available.

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