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Thread: TBS6 Yoda repaint

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    TBS6 Yoda repaint

    So I love OT Yoda. And I'm extremely selective and casually into the 6" figures. I had a TBS6 Yoda a while back, but let it go because they were just going for too much money on ebay and I was reorganizing my collection. Regretted it from the moment the auction ended. Fast forward to earlier this summer, I spot a mixed lot of figures, some beat up animated style Clone Wars, some POTF2 and a TBS6" Yoda (no snake, cane, or necklace). I won the lot for like, $23 shipped or something ridiculous like that, fling the other figures into some other mixed lot and sell those, and was left with a 6" Yoda for like, five bucks.

    Having seen some beautiful repaints of the figure I decided to give it a go. This is the first 'head-paint' (and hands and feet) I've ever done. And I'm overall pleased with how it came out. I made a new cane out of green stuff. The robe is from the person on ebay in Malaysia that does custom 1:12 robes and capes (very nice, if you were thinking of ordering one, btw). I decided just to go with the solid eyes instead of pupils, I just like the way it looks a little better. Plus I could see myself very quickly ruining it trying to get them the same size and not be googly eyed. Sometimes you need to know when to put the paint brush down and walk away.

    Now that the figure is being re-released, I'll be sure to grab a few extras and give it a few more go's.

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    Holy CRAP, Pete! That looks Amazing! If I pick one of the reissues up, any chance you would paint it up for me?

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    Fantastic job! You nailed the skin color. Maybe weather the cloak a bit (especially at the bottom), and pose hunched forward a touch, and it's perfect!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ121 View Post
    Holy CRAP, Pete! That looks Amazing! If I pick one of the reissues up, any chance you would paint it up for me?
    Haha, thanks DJ. I have my fingers crossed the reissue will look better than it does in the NYCC pics, but somehow I'm doubtful.

    I don't know about potentially messing up someone else's figure, this first one may have been the exception that proves the rule, lol.

    Consider this, I've painted exactly one Yoda more than you have. The recipe was:
    Pale light olive green base coat
    Vallejo pre-mixed green wash
    dry brush light olive green
    dry brush white on the sculpted hair
    basically dry brush a white/yellow mix for the nails
    Toothpick with white for the whites of the eyes
    Toothpick with green for the eyes
    Try to make the eyes even
    Try to make the eyes even again
    Try to make the eyes even again
    Toothpick (surprisingly useful things) some krazy glue over the sculpted hair (something with a minute or so work time), and synthetic furniture stuffing for the hair, then trimmed
    Waffle back and forth for several days about chopping the legs to make him shorter or paint pupils
    Decide not to since a replacement figure would cost too much
    Find out he's being reissued
    Start considering chopping the legs again

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    Excellent work. I love painting/weathering ships but hate painting characters. However, your Yoda looks so good I'm gonna have to give this a try.

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