I'm going to be doing some Spring cleaning (it's Spring here in Oz so I can say that) and putting a huge amount of work into amalgamating threads to capture some of the older conversations and discussions.

I've started collating already and have notes on LEGO Star Wars 2001, 2002 and 2003 News and Discussion(s), as well as a number of conversations about sets from 2000 to 2003. Sadly the forums didn't exist in 1999 to my knowledge so there aren't any of the original sets, unless there was a later pick-up thread.

Additionally I will combine the checklist and thread index so that the former will be a living document which link to discussions about each set. With luck we will have separate threads >75% for all the sets. I'm also going to unsticky the LEGO Frequently Asked Questions and re-purpose it as Rebelscum's new position as a Recognised LEGO Fan Media outlet becomes more clear.

I'm hoping to have all this done by March of next year to mark the anniversary, and so that Rebelscum's LEGO forums will an almost complete archive which will rival the vintage Kenner forums.

What impact will this have on you? I have a feeling that the old threads that I merge might jump to the start of the forums, and current threads may get pushed down the page. I intend to do this in batches so that the most recent topics don't get forced out of sight, and allow comments to get posted so that they'll jump back to the top.

If anyone wants to help or has any suggestions please post in this thread - I'll be checking it when I share progress reports.