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Thread: Death Squad Commander

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    Death Squad Commander

    Death Squad Commander joint custom vintage collection in 2018!

    Most wanted Figure: Cantina Baglady

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    Great, love the coiled flex! How did you do your headset, Stan?
    Hasbro! Please stop doing exclusives - they are killing collecting!
    My Cantina diorama

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    Took the preexist 1995 Death Star trooper, cast the side off and add then to the custom head. Then cust the strap of new helmet and glue it into place. Then added the piece for him to talk into to. Then add the coil flex . Had to dremel the inside of helmet for it to work.
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    Most wanted Figure: Cantina Baglady

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    Cool! Congratulations

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    Cheers! Glad you like it Jim!
    Most wanted Figure: Cantina Baglady

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