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    Kenner Patches

    Out of curiosity what is up with the Kenner ESB And ROTJ that are listed on eBay? Are they legit or repros? I only ask because, one the price seems really low. And two, I thought Kenner only produced two different patches and there are several kinds listed under a “Kenner Star Wars patch”. Anyone know of the legitimacy of these patches? Always thought it would be cool to have but I would want to know more about them.

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    Dug up this old thread from 2004 with some good info on identifying real vs repro patches.

    However, it is 14 years old so some of the repros could have gotten better. Anyone with any insight?

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    I have never even heard of these patches before. Are there really only two? Totally did not know this was a thing; but they do look cool!

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    I think for the classic line they only released two, but I could be wrong about that. Looking at some of the reals vs fakes it seems pretty easy to tell them apart, but a lot could have changed in the last 14 years since that last thread was discussed on the matter. That being said, after doing an eBay search, I could not find a single authentic patch (either the one with the X-wing or the ESB one) listed for sale, even though some of them say "original" and "unreleased". I think the authentic patches are pretty rare since they were only internally released within Kenner so a real one would fetch some big money. But for the completist collector, it's still a piece offered and produced by kenner so I'm adding them to the long list of things to keep my eyes open for.

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    For anyone still wondering about this, back on 10/7 the Rebelscum main page posted a headline about the guy making these; they are not intended to be taken as originals, but are tribute patches to accompany and honor the release of the Barge. There are five styles—a Kenner patch, Power of the Force patch, The Vintage Collection patch, Return of the Jedi patch, and “I Backed the Barge” patch. I ordered them and they are really great; they have adhesive for application under a wax sheet on the back. The other ones you’ve seen on eBay are knockoffs.
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