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Thread: 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper - EE

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    41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper - EE

    Every collection needs at least one elite Clone Trooper!
    Exclusive Vintage Collection Stormtrooper action figure!
    Inspired by Revenge Of The Sith
    Features a premium deco and multiple points of articulation.
    Previously released in the 3 3/4-inch The Black Series line, the 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper returns here with the super-scarce movie-accurate deco with grey shoulder pans and shins

    Here's your chance to recreate your favorite moments from Revenge Of The Sith! The Vintage Collection Elite Clone Trooper 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure - Exclusive features a premium deco, multiple points of articulation, and a design inspired by Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

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    What's up with EE getting so many exclusives? I might or might not get this. I'm still on the fence.
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    well at least I know I have a chance of actually getting an exclusive.
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    Doesn't this elite / Coruscant Guard deco exist on a few previously released clones? I swear I have three versions of it - another easy pass from the repaint & repack line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darth_sidious View Post
    Doesn't this elite / Coruscant Guard deco exist on a few previously released clones? I swear I have three versions of it - another easy pass from the repaint & repack line.
    Yeah, this one seems out of left field - and I couldn't be less interested.

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    Who asked for this guy? It would be better if he didn’t have that damn bobble head helmet. I’m waiting to see the card art but not optimistic. LIKELY PASS

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    Good thing I checked back on EE. I didn't know there was gonna be a second exclusive. I was about 5 hours behind the announcement and thought I should act fast, so I preordered one.

    Then I learned this was pretty much a repack of the TBS figure. Only ...

    ... it all came flooding back. This was the trooper with 2 versions. Version 1 had just the "gray piping" deco, but Version 2 was repainted with the gray belt, shoulders and shin guards, like this guy. I never found that TBS Version 2 iteration.

    So I'm glad I'm getting this guy for TVC. Worked out well.

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    No offense, but there are much more interesting looking Clones/Commanders out there! This a is a major pass, the least visually stunning of the Clan. And yes, this one had had a few releases already. I'd have rather had Fives or Dogma, or Bacara. Not to mention Commander Fox, always thought his (non Animated) design was cool. And there's Gregor. Why Hasbro always seems to go with the mundane is beyond me.

    Oh and if they're into doing so many Exclusives, Krell had better be on the list! IMO, I'm not gonna pay an Exclusive premium for a Clone repaint!
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    I guess Hasbro felt some redemption(s) was/were needed after that Black Series 'debacle' regarding the missing gray apps on the initial release. The revised European version wasn't entirely accurate either. I guess Hasbro doesn't have employees with managerial accounting experience to understand the 'theory' of DRIFT (Do It Right The First Time).
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    Hasbro's willingness to go back to the well with this one begs the question--- when do we get the red captain and yellow commander ranks from AOTC?

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