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Thread: Elite Clone Trooper - EE

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    Regardless of design preferences, that 41 mold was old and is shows. They milked it so much that it wore out before any other, so it was definitely time for a new mold. Like it or not it sports sharper lines and streamline appendages. Unlike the 41, which looked melted or even defective armor at times. lol
    (not worn) if that was your argument.

    While the new one does appear too thin, especially in the thighs. I've given that aspect a pass due to how accurate it is on screen.
    It may very well have been an attempt to merge the two looks, Animated/Realistic. And like others I was miffed about it early on, simply because I had amassed an army of "different" looking Clones. That now felt like they needed replaced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by korpen4444 View Post
    To put in my two cents, I actually prefer ROTS #41, and by extension, the OG SA Clone mold to the new mold because it feels more like a dude in armor than a cgi model. These newer troopers have their appeal, yes, but I'll always prefer the realistic, gritty look that the old mold had. The new clones are too thin and lanky for my tastes, and the extra articulation makes them look a tad off. Sometimes less is more, and I vastly prefer swivel hips to ball-hinged ones because they're much easier to pose. Plus that, the stockier look to ROTS #41 makes the articulation that exists (almost the exact same as the Vintage mold) feel more natural, and gives it a better look overall.

    In short, stocky build = naturalistic look, realistic feel. Lanky build = more of a model than a real person.

    That being said, I like both for different reasons. But in my mind, ROTS #41 (an off-shoot of the original SA Trooper) is the better version.
    But to each his own.

    Nicely put.

    @masterfett I don't see it as outdated at all. It still works and is a great sculpt/figure. Mine are all still as posable today as they were when I got them too. And zero breaks. I've had a scarif trooper and a death trooper snap at the wrists and my Solo Han is going to lose his left arm if I keep posing him. I'd rather an older model that lasts than a newer 'refined' one that doesn't hold up to posing.

    All they need to do with the new ones is fix the hips and legs for me to like it more. And of course it needs to be able to stand being posed.

    But I see what you mean by it being like a hybrid of two styles. It just didn't come out as good as the 41 in terms of believability or realism.

    And to only match up to one scene where the clones are kind of small on the screen isn't enough to justify this one as more accurate. Maybe to TCW standards it is.

    Still, can't wait to get some more clones. :{J
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Gosh, are we stuck in the 50's here? "Masculine", as if that's a measure of a Soldier? How many "masculine" Women do you see in the Military?
    Besides, being stuck inside armor would show someone's physique anyways. So why should a Clone even sport a "muscled" look?

    Heck, might as well have just make them look like POTF2 figures...

    I think those views go beyond personal preference over a toy, and something more of a deep-seated issue.
    Thank you PC officer, I'm not sure how someone would dare say a masculine looking physique would be described as such. Thankfully, I know Clones preferred "they" as their pronoun too.

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    Cardback for the TVC 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper has been revealed:

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