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Thread: Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi

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    That head sculpt is outstanding.

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    Yeah, I'm going to need two of this one so I can replace ROTS Kenobi's disaster of a head.
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    Don't need a somewhat newer jocular since the older legacy collection hypnosis arena two pack jocular is still great and thing is that do all attack of the Clones Jedi figures really need jedi robes?

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    Looks perfect! Absolutely outstanding. Can not wait! This new Digital face printing is beautiful. What a world of difference it makes

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    Such an amazing (and unexpected) figure! cant wait to get my hands on this!

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    So.... how many people are going to decapitate him and whack that head on the ROTS body?

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    I sold off my ROTS one cause I didnt like his head and I didnt like how his boots looked.

    I want this one and plan to leave him as is.
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    I'll be getting two.

    And whats the betting the head socket will be differently sized to the ROTS version......
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    I donít care for much of anything from the prequel era, but something General Kenobi in Roman Centurion inspired spaceman armor just really clicks with me...

    I have no where in my display for this guy, I have no desire for any prequel representation on my shelves, and yet... I kinda want him...

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    ROTS OBI re-issue in the archive line has to be a lock though right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TK_171 View Post
    ROTS OBI re-issue in the archive line has to be a lock though right?
    Given the way that Anakin was improved with the new face printing technique for that Archive release? I absolutely hope so.

    This figure was a as a complete surprise for me. But considering the way the Clone Wars micro series now has something of a niche status, an exclusive is probably the right way to go for this release. But would Hasbro consider making a black series Durge as a companion release? It leaves you wondering. And I hope this might also open the door for some ARC Troopers to be offered in the line, too.

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