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Thread: Scout Trooper - Archive Line

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    Any major differences between the old Scout trooper and the new one? I heard that the helmet has a better sculpt than the old? I haven't seen the new archive wave in the wild yet so....
    I have not done a side by side, but having the Archive figure in hand, it looks identical as far as I can tell. The issue with the visor warping was due to how it was packed with the bike. The figure feels the same, and all the weathering is the same as well.

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    Ive got a couple now and they seem to be the same as the Bike-packed version, except the legs aren't as that's a plus for just standing them up.
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    On my Archive version, the boots and lower legs appear to have more weathering than on the one I have that came with the speeder bike. The helmet also seems juuuuust barely different, with the Archive version appearing slightly more accurate to the screen version of this guy.
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