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    All good, Biker Scouts are actually my favorite (scout) stormtroopers. I used to get 'OCD' about them even dating back when I first got the MPC speeder bike model kit and noticed the elbows weren't enough so it looked like the rider was practically sitting upright while zooming along as oppose to crouching down (making it look like he was just cruising along for him to even count the trees passing by).

    [IMG][/IMG] Yeah, that was major for me back then.
    A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing. -George Lucas

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    Darn, image didn't load..... ….you get the idea.
    A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing. -George Lucas

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    I just want more OT Imperials. Now, Hasbro, give us jumpsuited Navy Troopers, a generic Imperial Officer (in black, please) and an Imperial Gunner.
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    Instant buy! Like a idiot I only bought one of the previous release. So I definitely won’t skip on him this time

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    Don't have a a Scout Trooper in my collection yet, so this is a must!

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