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    Like the design, so I might actually get this one. It's like a TIE pilot/Royal Guard mix.

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    Might get an extra for a custom. The helmet visor is reminiscent of a Phase I Clone pilot.
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    Definitely getting this...has an awesome "Tron" vibe/tone that I like. And I told myself that I wasn't going to collect another line....arrgghhh....LOL.

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    I’m up for it! It looks like it would fit in well enough with “realistic” style figures. And I’m up for any new 3.75 offerings.

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    I may not like the new "canon" but I like some of the designs Disney's been doing. This one is going to be a must. It's like a cross between a ERG and a TIE pilot. And the helmet is like the Clone Commandos. :{J
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    Out of all the Resistance reveals, this is the only figure that grabbed my attention - it looks like an old EU mash-up, which I dig.

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