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Thread: Synara San

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    I agree, we do need separate forums for these lines...

    I watched the first three, and, well it wasn't compelling, I guess it was alright. I do like the animation style. I'll hold out for awhile, in hopes that we see more of the First Order, and maybe things get a little more interesting...

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    I love all 3.75 and definitely will pick her up! I guess I should at least try out the show...

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    I definitely want one of her. She reminds my of Qwi Xux from the Jedi Academy trilogy. :{J
    Disney? "Canon" you say? You must unlearn what you have learned...

    If you need anything 3d Printed PM me. :{J

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    It's a cool design and I really like the helmet. If i see this and it's on sale at a reasonable price I ma get it, about teh only figure that really pops out at me as interesting. I'm just hoping she's not too skinny, as I want to add some SA arms and legs.
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