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Thread: Potf single coin mailer envelope price?

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    Potf single coin mailer envelope price?

    How much are these worth? Just the envelope. Not sealed

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    Looking for any type of Snaggletooth prototypes- New or vintage!!!

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    Price wise anywhere around $100 would be fair and reasonable.
    The plain envelope packaging can not compete with card backs and other desirable packaging to complete a display and used to sell for $30 tops dependant on condition. Coins with their original mailers sold for a lot more and often added that extra $100 plus to the fair market value of the coin before 2014 price increases.
    Over looked by coin collectors for its bland aesthetics and without reference to the Star Wars vintage line or the Kenner name, envelopes have disappeared compared to other mail away premiums.
    The population for coin mailers is extremely low for a production item with less than 30 identified at the last trawl I did from collectors to help compile a list of numbers in 2016. Each mailer has a unique number so establishing the existing numbers is a simple process.
    Making other collectors aware of the low population numbers did drive prices up but the point is too raise awareness that the envelopes are rarer than most collectors 'grail' items and each one is unique so they need saved. If you need a buyer for the envelope I'd snap it up!

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