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Thread: Teek is the MAN!!!!

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    Teek is the MAN!!!!

    I just received my 5 custom vintage droid figures from Teek today from across the POND!

    He converted R2's and an R5 and made some awesome custom Halloween, bumble bee and a cool add to my land of the Jawa's playset!

    Teek awesome art work and custom designing BUDDY!!!!

    I got them on EBay so we both get feedback and super-fast shipping and packaged awesome!

    There are some other R5's I have my eye on from him and when I build the toy kitty back up I will buy more!

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    Those are pretty cool and extremely well executed. Great stuff!
    continuing the vintage custom at a time!

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    Disney please ignore this thread, or else you might get my $ with your Halloween Droids.
    The answer to every Star Wars question ever:
    Its just a movie!!!!!!!!!!

    Feedback BST
    I love this Bar!

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    wow, that is very cool, never seen that before!

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    Yeah, it is really cool and I love it so much.
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