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Thread: The Mandalorian - Live Action Star Wars TV series

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    I was thinking of the Night King specifically, that's a prosthetic right?
    That's mostly appliances coupled with CGI, I reckon. It's not a full head mask. Not in the sense that would be needed for a convincing Duros anyway.

    By appliances, I mean latex glued to the actor's face, but allowing the actor to move his own facial muscles and talk. Most of the make up for the aliens in the likes of Star Trek is handled this way too.

    Something like Cad Bane won't be able to get away with just appliances though. I think anyway. The producers of the show may take a bit of liberty here and there, however. Who knows.

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    IF Cad Bane were to appear in this show I don't see any problem since the show has a pretty big budget of $100 million. Think Disney said most of their shows would be in the 10 episodes or less range.
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