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Thread: Rogue One Custom 3.75 SA Lyra Erso (Lah'mu)

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    Rogue One Custom 3.75 SA Lyra Erso (Lah'mu)

    Another figure that I really wanted from Rogue One was Lyra Erso. She has two costumes in the movie, but I decided to go with the "homestead" version, since it's in her character's action sequence, and it also pairs well with my custom Galen Erso! I had a hard time figuring out a head that would work for this one, since the female options are so limited in 3.75 scale, and I went back and forth several times on which torso would be a viable screen accurate option...

    The recipe was a bit odd, but I think it worked nicely in the end:

    TPM Adi Gallia torso and arns
    TFA 2-pack Rey head, skirt, and legs
    Ben Kenobi Cloak (I think)

    Lyra Erso (Lah'mu)

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    Nice work. Another one I wish Hasbro would make.
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    Thanks man, and I absolutely agree. I have a "short list" of about 30 figures I think Hasbro should have made for RO...And I intend to do them all myself!

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    Another awesome figure, Jodo. I quibble very slightly at the use of the Rey head, which seems a tad young to me. But this is awesome and she looks terrific next to you amazing Galen figure. Fantastic!!! Can't wait to see the rest of your 30 figures!!!

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    Thanks man!!! I couldn't find a more appropriate head to use, so that was my only choice!

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    It is a great looking figure.

    Several coats of paint can thicken and age her face especially on the jowls.

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    Lyra wasn't exactly old looking so I wouldn't worry about giving her jowls and wrinkles. I'd say that Jyn is probably the best head to use if it could be repainted to be less Jyn-ish...
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