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Thread: Small (but cool!) mention in latest SW Insider magazine

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    Congrats there hope for the rest of us

    seriously great job!
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    What issue number is that, by the way? I'd like to check out the full article.

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    I didn't get the issue number when I checked it out at B&N but it is the current one on the racks. And would you believe that IS the full article lol
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    Nice. A big congratulation for you and your work. Some of the best and most innovative SW’s work Iv’e seen is totally fan generated. It’s good to see the media recognize it at some level because it is certainly inspirational and interesting to report about. That Dagobah diorama of yours along with others on this website motivated me to give this custom diorama build a try. From one Dagobah fan to another, congrats again Daigo Bah

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    Talent deserves recognition ! Congratulations dear Daigo_Bah for your awesome work. The Force is with you !

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