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Thread: POTF Hoth Rescue Playpack?

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    POTF Hoth Rescue Playpack?

    Just curious to see what the market would bear for this set, I don't own one, but who knows, maybe one day. I haven't seen one for sale in a very long time. Here's one that sold on here back in 2014:

    Hard to believe that only four years ago it sold for $465, and a MOC POTF pop up R2 sold for $190. Anyone have an idea of market value for a MIB and/or MISB?

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    I don't know about the Hoth set, but I think the Pop up R2 is at least in the $600 plus range.

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    Yeah I was using the pop up as a marker since it was sold with the Hoth set from the same seller at the same time. If the value rate of the Hoth set went up by the same amount as the R2 pop up then this is the math:

    R2 POP UP MOC:
    $600 (today's cost) / $190 (cost 4 years ago) = 3.16 rate of increase

    So with that rate in mind,

    3.16 rate of increase x $465 (cost 4 years ago) = $1,469.40 (today's value?)

    Of course this is assuming everything increased at a rate of 3.16, which just isn't true. But since one hasn't sold recently that I've seen who knows. As rare as they are you could just about name your price I guess. Something like that I'm sure increased at a higher rate.

    This has got me thinking though, I would be curious to see the value rate at which each individual figure, ship, and playset increased over the course of 5 years (every 5 years since it was produced) and see what trends stick out.
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    I will check for you, give me a day or so.

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    Based on zero information, I always thought the Hoth Rescue and the Endor one were in the $800ish dollar range; I mean for complete in box, not sealed. I bet sealed with get pretty close to the $1400 mark.

    Also, not everything has gone up. I think Leia Poncho on a POTF card was a $200 to $250 figure a few years ago and now it's in the $150 range. Also, I think the Rancor, MISB has come down a bit. I don't think you are going to find a consistent x factor by which values increase and decrease. Look at the Droids stuff; that stuff has gone nutso; way beyond what some others have.

    It's like my Dad used to say, something is only worth what someone will pay you for it.

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    Yeah no, they have not all risen at the same rate. It's hard to price some things when they get up near the $1,000 range because they typically do not pop up with regularity, and that often also means there's not as many other items to compare them too.

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