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Thread: Rogue One Custom 3.75 SA Cassian Andor (Jedha)

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    Rogue One Custom 3.75 SA Cassian Andor (Jedha)

    Next up is a figure that I have had in mind for quite some time. For once I actually had an idea going into this what I thought would work...These pieces have been set aside since I got them, just waiting to be put together and painted. Again, this is one of my favorite designs and it is just a shame they never produced it in SA 3.75.

    The recipe:
    5 POA Cass skirt, holster, and fur hood (and alternative head with hat).
    SA Cass head
    TBS Starkiller torso
    Dak Ralter arms
    Nikto (Skiff Guard) legs

    3.75 SA Cassian Andor (Jedha)

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    Excellent work on Cassian. I wish Hasbro would make this version in the TVC line.
    #1 want: Admiral Piett (3.75" TVC line)

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