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Thread: Gary Kurtz R.I.P.

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    lets face it: some people STILL think the original star trek TOS was all about them "Tribbles" -- but I see that one particular episode as a juvenile misstep which is not reflective of the true 'tone' of the original work -- that episode annoys the **** out of me.
    Not in complete disagreement here, but I'll just a throw a few factoids into the wind on the side here:

    "The Trouble With Tribbles"
    Writer: David Gerrold, Hugo and Nebula award-winning writer (also author of The World Of Star Trek)
    Director: Joseph Pevney, former actor turned director having over 80 TV credited productions.
    Nominated for Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.....eventually went to "The City On The Edge Of Forever" (first season), by Harlan Ellison/D.C. Fontana
    Originally penned as "The Fuzzies", then "A Fuzzy Thing Happened To Me", ...…..before being called "The Trouble With....

    'Annoying'......Trek's third season under Producer Fred Freiberger (Gene Roddenberry no longer in creative control)
    Some notable episodes:

    "Spock's Brain"

    "And The Children Shall Lead"
    "Plato's Stepchildren"
    "The Way To Eden" (space hippies)

    "The Cloud Minders" (story by David Gerrold).........Quote from Gerrold regarding the episode:

    There was also more to the story that was about the social issue, and there was no magical zenite gas that was causing the problem. Fred Freiberger
    and Margaret Armen came in and changed it to a “Let’s solve it all in the last five minutes with gas masks” (ending). And I thought, “That’s really not a very good story. It doesn’t do what Gene Roddenberry or Gene L. Coon would have been willing to do.” So I was disappointed
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    A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing. -George Lucas

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