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Thread: WTB Post- Imperial Officers + Mayhew

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    WTB Post- Imperial Officers + Mayhew

    Currently on the hunt for a couple 8x10s. Figured I'd try here and see if anything comes of it. OPix not necessary.

    John Forgeham 8x10, he played Captain Bolvan in ANH. "Hold your fire, there's not life forms..."

    John D1cks 8x10, he played Captain Lennox in ESB. "Good, our first catch of the day."

    Adam Bareham 8x10, played Commander Jhoff in ROTJ.

    ANYTHING signed by Robin Scobey, who played Lt. Venka in ESB. Rare signer so maybe not on Star Wars, but anything signed by him, I'd be interested in.

    Other names currently looking for:
    Don Henderson on Star Wars
    Malcolm Tierney
    Oliver Maguire (signed anything)
    William Hoyland
    Craig Barron
    Gene Bryant

    Appreciate anything folks may have. Thanks for looking. MTFBWY
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    Pm on Mayhew
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    Feedback thread is here

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    bump, no longer looking for Mayhew but still heavily looking for Imperial officers!

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    Ya need Pete Summer ?? “TK421 Why aren’t you at your post?” I’ve got one of you do pm me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JodaJavis View Post
    Ya need Pete Summer ?? “TK421 Why aren’t you at your post?” I’ve got one of you do pm me.
    Thanks! PM Sent

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    Bump for the new week, with some other names I am hunting for added

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