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    Post card booklet

    I stumbled across this booklet on ebay. Really cool inexpensive piece to have. 30 post cards of vintage star wars toys pics as well as box art and un produced toys. If you want, you can remove them from the booklet because they have removable screws that holds the pages together.
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    I saw these in an antique store a year or so back. I thought they were really cool, but the person selling them wanted $25 for the set which I thought was straight robbery. Never did follow up with an Amazon search though. Thanks for sharing!

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    I bought one for $10 at a local Antique store. I would buy more vintage stuff from him, but he always wants a little too much. It is fun to have though.

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    Yeah, I paid 8 dollars free ship for mine on ebay but has them for as little as 3 dollars.

    Made in 95 but it's really cool to see the toy art with our beloved 70s figures.
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    The postcard book uses images from Sansweet's Star Wars: From Concept to Screen to Collectible. If you don't own the book, buy it today. It's a must-have.
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    Great item!
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    Just bought Sansweet’s book on eBay for $5, great condition. Thanks for the tip in this thread!

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    Yes, Yes, Yes, buy the book. I just did and I'm very pleased with it. I paid 10 free ship.

    Really sucks that I could have bought a sealed early bird for 200 when this book was released.
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