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Thread: FS: Katie Cook CV,CVI,Anaheim print set

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    FS: Katie Cook CV,CVI,Anaheim print set

    I am selling a set of all 3 Katie cook prints from celebration V, VI and Anaheim. These are the long story collage ones she did depicting scenes from a new hope, empire strikes back, and return of the Jedi. A new hope is an AP. Only 200 were made and looking back on eBay and other forums I just don’t see it being sold. The empire strikes back is number 233/250. Return of the Jedi is 148/250. My daughter has other things that interest her and have for a while. So I would rather sell them to further her interests then just hide them away in a closet. I’ll ship conus. Pictures can be provided just shoot me a pm with your email mail. $900.00 for the set. Not splitting the set up sorry.

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    I've been after the ANH print for a long time to complete my collection, but I can't justify paying $900 for all there when I only need one.
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    I totally understand. I see a few Of the empire and Jedi prints for sale. Breaking the set then makes me compete with this vs selling a complete set.

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    Understood. Best of luck!
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