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Thread: WTB: Beater vintage Millenium Falcon

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    WTB: Beater vintage Millenium Falcon

    I'm looking for a beater vintage Millenium Falcon. It can be discolored, but I'm looking for one that has the rear cover, the canopy cover with window, and possibly the gunner's chair and seat, and of course the landing gear and ramp if possible. Although that may not be necessary. I've got a custom painting project I'm looking into and would like to do it with this mold if possible.

    I don't want anything that is in good shape because all my work will devalue that. Hit me up with what you've got. It may be easier to email me as I don't run through RS very often.
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    For what it's worth, there was a guy on facebook tonight who was selling all kinds of parts for $5.00. There was a stripped down Falcon. Maybe you can find him. One of the Star Wars groups. Vintage Star Wars Collectibles For Sale.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks man. Appreciate it.
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    I've got a Falcon that is missing the smuggler floor, but that's about it. However, it isn't in great shape and I think most of the stickers have worn off. If you want, I'll strip the parts off you don't want and cut you a deal on what's left. Sending you a PM

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