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Thread: 1977 Costa Rica Trading Cards Info Needed

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    1977 Costa Rica Trading Cards Info Needed

    I just joined the forum a couple of days ago. While I have enjoyed the Star Wars movies I am not a SW collector unlike my sister who was an avid collector from the time Star Wars first came out until she passed away in 2008. I am trying to catalog all the items she had and this forum seems like the place to go to for any questions. The Costa Rica set she has stops at number 187. Was this the entire set? She is missing card number 16 so I am not sure if this card was actually issued. Any info you can give me about the set would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi there, the set contains 187 stickers that can be placed in an album and was released in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Costa Rica . The number 16 card does exist, it is just missing from your sisters set .

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