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Thread: Joker - 2019

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    After watching Knightfall I am kind of hoping to see a live action version of Mark Hamil’s joker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hell_Hawk_33 View Post
    Can't help but feel intrigued after watching the trailer. I kinda gave up on DC and didn't go to Aquaman and won't go to Shazam, but I'll check this out.
    Not going to Shazam! is a mistake.

    This trailer really piqued my interest in a movie I had written off a while back. Very well made trailer, plus Phoenix is real creepy looking, and he's got the laugh down pat.

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    i actually thought it was an April fools thing when i saw the trailer. the day before i was scrolling through my feed and i saw some picture of a lame looking guy with really half ***** clown makeup on, so much so that i didnt really pay attention and kept scrolling. the next day i saw a link to the trailer and realized that was the actual joker from the new film. i know a lot of people really like Joaquin Phoenix and he is a well respected actor, i have nothing against him i just have never liked his voice and i really cant picture it as joker. but mostly i just kept thinking isnt he a little old for an origin story, the same thought i always have when i watch Gotham, like Batman is just always beating up a bunch of old men. and for some reason when watching the trailer i kept thinking of the old early 80s film "the king of comedy" which i remembered later is a Scorsese film too. i actually think it could be a good film i just once again dont understand the look they have gone for with him. and like i said something about Phoenix voice has always irritated me.

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    Just not feeling this at all. Personally, I've seen so many takes on the Joker that this is simply not interesting to me. Not am I all that invested in in a movie just about him.
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    I always thought one of DC's strengths lies with it's iconic villains. After Superman and Batman (always 2 of my favs), you have to rank the villains right up top or higher than many of the heroes.

    Seems like they are realizing that. It's just going to be so hard to follow Heath's perfect representation of the joker. Still would like to see more focus and expansion on the iconic villains and work them into the mix in the future movies and done well.
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