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Thread: Joker - 2019

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    I find it fascinating to see DC flail about while Marvel just keeps killing it at the box office.

    Marvel clearly had a plan in mind. They had a couple guys that put together a cohesive plan for where their universe was going to go and then executed it with very little sidetracking. Ant-Man may have been the one that had the most controversy with Edgar Wright losing his control of the movie.

    It seems that DC just has no idea what they want. They did such a great job with the Dark Knight. Wonder Woman was excellent. Other than that, they just seem to hire people and try to figure it out. I think their idea for Aquaman is good. If you're a big Aquaman fan, then perhaps you hate it, but beyond the awful CGI work in Justice League and the odd "clipart" poster, Aquaman is at least interesting.

    I guess a Joker movie could be decent, but are we going to have to start labeling them like Joker universe A, Joker universe 626, and Joker Ultimate Universe? Comics have had More versions of the joker artistically than you can count, but movies don't quite work that way (but who am I to say really?)
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    One thing I dislike...and I'm just going to say it...yeah it'll be controversial...

    I hate that now every Joker has to either look like, be like, or look and be like Heath Ledgers. Some comics are also guilty of this.

    As much as I enjoyed his portrayal, that's just not the Joker to me. That's just someones interpretation of. It's interesting and a good portrayal, but it's just not accurate to me. It's an alternate version. I don't want Joker to come off like a slasher movie villain. He may be a mass murderer, but he's always had a level of...well....morbid as it is...charm. Likability. Literal laughter, dark humored as it may be. That's kind of been thrown out the window in favor of a less funny and more "trying to be" frightening version. But the irony, I find, is that I was far more afraid of the more comical serial killer than I ever was of the dead serious part they play today. To me it's far more sadistic and terrifying to do these acts of homicide so tongue in cheek witty and humorous, as if taking a life is NOT serious to him at all, than it is to portray him as Hannibal in clown make-up. Which, may I add, I'm kind of tired of the make-up thing too.

    I miss the 70's - 2000's Joker, essentially the Arkham video games Joker which broken down is essentially Mark Hamill's BTAS Joker but rated R.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MysterioMaximus View Post

    I hate that now every Joker has to either look like, be like, or look and be like Heath Ledgers.

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